You're Better Than That

You're Better Than That
  • Nov 20, 2013

I have this friend. One of those friends that you know God put in your life the moment you met (almost 20 years ago).

She’s so funny. She’s kinda like my workout hero.

She’s a runner, a surfer, she’s finished Olympic distance triathlons and of course, she’s a CrossFitter!

So a while back, I was doing a lot of 5k’s and 10k’s. I’d talk to her the night before the events and she’d say, “what’s your plan?”

Honestly, I didn’t really have a plan, but after talking to her, I totally had a plan!

We both did the CrossFit open last year and every night when they’d come out with the new WOD, we’d be texting, figuring out “our WOD plan.”

I love that she brings proper intensity and healthy competition to my life!

So a while back, I approached her with something, looking for advice and a good response to my question. Her reply was,

“Amy. You’re better than that.”

I love that. How many friends do you have that can be that honest with you?

Sometimes I think with our social media life and computer living, we get away from real people who will give you a true response like that.

We get to live in a fake world of pictures and give people only pieces of our lives to show how perfect it is. But what would happen if someone looked at one of your pics or read a post and said, “Hey, you’re better than that!” Would you accept it? Or would you get mad?

Here’s another thing:

When you ladies (or men sometimes- but mostly women) post pics of women with airbrushed/perfect bodies and you say “this is my inspiration!” or “I want to look like this!”

I want to say to you,


Have confidence in the body that God gave you! Why do you think you have to be perfect? Why do you WANT to be perfect? Would being perfect make you feel better? Do you *really* think that Victoria Secret is going to hire you as their next model? hahahaaaa! No. You’re better than that.

Always search for friends that are honest. That make you look in the mirror, that make you a better person. And be thankful when their response is, “You’re better than that.”

Because you are.

Amy and bestie

Here I am with my “You’re Better Than That” Bestie during our last Partner CrossFit Competition last summer!