You're Better Than That! Part 3

You're Better Than That! Part 3
  • Mar 9, 2014

Happy New Day!!

Did you do 14.2 this weekend? I DID! And it SUCKED!!! Haha! I’ve had this recurring shoulder issue thing, so I had to take care of that along with trying my hardest on the WOD. It made it very hard.

I’ve loved hearing about all the PR’s people are getting on their OPEN WOD’s. It’s so funny how the head honchos at CrossFit can set these WOD’s up and out of no where, people who have tried to get their double under’s for the last six months are getting them, during the Open WOD! Or 14.2’s movement was Overhead Squats and Chest to bar pull-ups! To PR on an OPEN WOD is the coolest thing ever. Another reason I love the OPEN!

But my goodness, I’ve been missing, “you’re better than that!” Have you? I think I go through periods of time where I’m just overly nice (haha!) and the things people do just don’t bother me, then all of a sudden I’m like “YOU’RE BETTER THAN THAT!” So guess what, I think I’ve got a few! Let’s get to it!

1. To the people who think those that follow a Paleo diet only eat MEAT for breakfast, lunch and dinner and nothing else… come on, You’re better than that! Let’s talk about this. The American diet is so crappy, full of processed foods and junk and if there is anything from the earth that those in the Standard American diet eat, it’s probably CORN. (The most GMO’d food that grows out of the earth.) So awesome (read as sarcasm). When people choose to go Paleo (at least the people I know) it usually means they are eliminating processed foods and sugar, they are adding more fruits and vegetables into their diet and because they need fat/protein and sustenance, they add good, healthy meat. We can only hope its organic. But I’m also not in charge of all the people’s of the earth… so whether it’s organic or not, I cannot tell you. Let’s stop obsessing about the name Paleo and look at it for what it really is – an extremely healthy way to eat. Some people can survive on it, some people just can’t do it. And we don’t eat meat every second of the day! Come on!! You’re better than that! :)

2. Why do we have to judge women’s bodies? A post came across my Facebook timeline where they want EVERYONE to vote on their FAVORITE WOMEN’S BODY. It was a picture showing 4 women’s figure’s. (all the women were fit to some standard). Because that’s normal. Because I want my daughter’s to see that. Because that’s uplifting to women EVERYWHERE. Let’s stare at women’s bodies, pick them a part and pick a favorite. That only leads down a road of wishing you had the body you voted on. When are women going to appreciate their own bodies and be thankful for the body God has blessed them with? I’ll tell you, those kind of pictures and asking people to “judge” their favorite women’s bodies is doing the opposite. It’s making women love their own bodies LESS. Come on, YOU’RE BETTER THAN THAT. Don’t even look at those pictures.

3. I heard on the radio that the rate of high schoolers getting lice is going up because of all their SELFIE’S!!! I heard it and laughed so hard, then cried a little bit. (Have you ever had to deal with kids and lice???? It’s the most horrible thing ever!) So, girls!!! Stop taking selflies!! Your getting lice and spreading lice! We all like taking pictures with our friends. Maybe start making sure your friends don’t have lice. Because… You’re better than that!!!

Well, I’m off to do 14.2 again. And then plant a garden. A small one. I don’t want to overwhelm myself too much! haha!

Here’s what happens when you let your little’s alone with a hose and a garden bed. Object lesson, don’t leave your littles alone with a hose and a garden bed. Come on Amy, You’re better than that!!!

Kids in the mud

Kids in the mud

Kids playing in the mud