Two Years of Paleo!

Two Years of Paleo!
  • Apr 2, 2014

I was just sitting here (eating a paleo muffin that my amazing friend Marie made… ok I may have just finished off a paleo scone of hers too. I’m done with the CrossFit OPEN and I’m celebrating! Totally justified.) ANYWAYS, I was thinking of all the amazing ingredients in this muffin, how its filled with fruits, veggies, nuts and coconut oil and the sweetness comes from dates and bananas and I realized I’ve officially followed the Paleo way of eating for TWO YEARS!

I just got so excited! Because it means so much more than just being Paleo (which can be coincided with a fad way of eating, or a 30 day challenge for some people! Or others even think of it as a death wish! haha!)

What Paleo means to my life

What it means for me is, I haven’t had antibiotics in my system for two years! I haven’t truly been sick in the last two years either! It means I’ve slowed down and listened to my body. It means I eat for my health. I’m not a strict paleo eater, but I do not eat grain and gluten and having that out of my system has been so positive for me. It means I’ve added healing foods to my diet, like kombucha, kefir, other fermented foods, probiotic filled foods, sardines!!! and just all around super good foods that support the immune system!

I’d say I’m a “Paleo Athlete” also. (I heard that term and it sounded super cool, so I’m gonna use it. haha!) In the last two years I’ve PR’d my 10k on a super hilly course, I’ve pr’d my 5k and that was on a flatter course and I hadn’t been running much at that point either! I’ve also competed in difficult CrossFit competitions and felt super strong! I’ve found that I keep improving and having PR’s in CrossFit movements and lifts as well. Super exciting!! All being fueled by nutrient dense, healthy foods, good fats and organic meats and eggs and no whole grains.

Anyways, I just wanted to come here and celebrate my 2 years of Paleo!!

Just healing my gut, one paleo muffin at a time. hahahaha!

Yucapia CrossFit members at the beach


So I always know when I began eating Paleo, because it was my birthday two years ago and I had a horrible sinus infection. That’s what kick started the no gluten/no grain! This year on my birthday we celebrated HEALTH!!! A bunch of girls from CrossFit went and celebrated with us at the beach! And we ate lots of Paleo treats :).  And we celebrated by being active in our healthy bodies!

Paddle boarding


Do something good for yourself today! Take care of your body and celebrate health! I will never take my health for granted!