The Quiet.

The Quiet.
  • Jan 17, 2014

I’m  making some Kombucha right now (the water is warming) my two older kids are playing at a neighbor’s house and my littlest is having her “special day” with my mom! I’m sitting here wondering how I actually have some quiet time right now???

I’m not used to the quiet.

When I don’t have my kids, I turn on music, really loud just to make up for their little voices being gone.

Last week I had a moment like this, only I was in my car alone driving to the box. So I turned on our favorite station, super loud (KIIS FM of course) and on came Malina’s favorite song – which she calls ‘Micah’s song’ who is her oldest, and coolest cousin… so of course I turn the song louder. Then I think, sheesh, I miss my kids when they are gone!! These songs are no fun to sing to alone!!

The life of a mama is really never ending. Really, kids are a full time job! Even when they are at school, we think about them. I keep my phone close just in case the school calls. We are always planning our next meal, scurrying to help get the homework done, hoping they have enough “outside time” when they are done with the homework! Making lunches for the next day, making sure they have enough clean clothes to get them through the week! It really is never ending. And let’s not even get into the “I’m training a human being for life skills and character” part. hahahaaa But I wouldn’t trade it (or them) for anything!!

So that was an aside. Because what I really wanted to say was how the weather is amazing right now and I’ve been so excited to do some planting outside! Because I was plant obsessed before moving back in with my parents three years ago. In Arizona, my plants and trees were my 4th-11th children. (And 5 of those were plumerias.) Having our own home again really makes me excited to grow things. So the hubby let me buy my first star jasmine plant. And I just need you to know that my plumeria is thriving in our new neighborhood. I can’t wait to post photos of a bloom. :)

And I can’t wait to grow a small garden. But for now, the start of a little herb garden outside my kitchen window will do. With hopes of flourishing jasmine plant that will make my patio smell amazing! And how awesome that my husband planted it for me… with my littlest :)


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