The Mental Game: Will I or Won't I?

The Mental Game: Will I or Won't I?
  • Sep 19, 2013

Will I or won’t I?

The most difficult part of CrossFit for me is the 10 or so seconds before the WOD begins.

I know that I am about to get a great workout.

However, I don’t know if I am going to be satisfied with my effort.


If I simply begin the WOD at “Go” without asking myself the question then I know I will simply move through the WOD and get a great workout.

But, one of the greatest gifts CrossFit has given to me is the opportunity to be both physically and mentally challenged.


I was afraid that “fitness” had  become this endless treadmill of trudgery accompanied by sets of 3x8 and 4x10. There is no mental game required to accomplish traditional workouts at the traditional gyms.


But now, I find myself challenged again.

I suppose the good part is that even if I don’t win the mental battle I know I am still working hard.

However, there is tremendous satisfaction when I commit to giving everything to the workout and then do it.

This means getting back on the bar before my lungs are ready to go. Finding a way to keep moving through burpees even though my body is begging to stop. And the most difficult for me, continuing to put one foot in front of the other during the running WODs. I hate the running. But, the satisfaction that comes from giving my best effort and surpassing previous limitations far surpasses any of the disdain I have for my weaknesses.


Best effort does not mean a PR. (Personal Record)

Best effort simply means the best effort for that day.

Sometimes everything comes together and you crush a WOD.

Other times the wheels fall off and you struggle through to the end.

And, there are days that I don’t give my best effort and that is okay.

However, there is tremendous satisfaction in giving your best effort.


So, I challenge you to intentionally challenge yourself to win the mental battle of CrossFit.

Before the 10 second count-down begins take a moment to really commit to giving your best effort.

Take advantage of this gift that CrossFit has given us to be both mentally and physically challenged again.


Here is a post of practical ways to help win the mental game of CrossFit by Josh Bridges, CrossFit Invictus athlete, 2nd place finisher at the 2012 CrossFit Games: