That day I rowed 6800 meters

That day I rowed 6800 meters
  • Feb 23, 2014

I have claustrophobia.

OK, maybe it’s control issues.

I don’t know, but I do know that I get really sweaty and feel like I can’t breath in certain situations.

For example, elevators. They make me sweaty. It’s such a confined space and there’s really no way to get out if you absolutely have to. (I go on them. I just take extreme measures. You might find me doing labor breathing…) Sometimes I sit in church and I get that feeling. It’s like, I can’t leave. I shouldn’t leave, but what if I have to leave? That’s when the sweating starts. Then the breathing. Then the immediate drink of water. Then I’m good.

So guess what else makes me feel that way?

ROWING. Yes, rowing. I mean. I love me a good 500 meter warm up, pre workout. Or even some 300 meter sprints on the rower during the WOD. We are talking max 2 minutes on that thing. THAT’S IT. That’s all I can handle! The longest distance ever rowed on a rower had been 1000 meters. And that was big. Until the day my amazing friend Linsey challenged me to a rowing WOD.

She wrote the WOD down for me and it sat in my backpack for two weeks. I told my friend Marie that Linsey wrote “us” a WOD. (There was no way I was doing this one alone.) Marie got excited because she loves rowing. I kept trying to put it off.

The thing about this WOD, is that it is based on a 2000 meter time! So before even attempting this one, I had to do a 2000 meter trial. Fortunately for me (being such a team player – hahaha) we programmed the 2000 meter max effort into a scheduled WOD at our box! So that was fun. Then, the other coaches were so awesome to actually program Linsey’s rowing WOD into our weekly schedule. So there it was, on the schedule. On a Friday. And it meant I really had to do it. And it made me sweaty. Just thinking about it made me feel like I couldn’t breath! So I did my large inhales and slow exhales and got control over myself.

And Friday came. And in 35 minutes, we rowed 6800 meters! And I have to say, I felt SO accomplished! The fun thing about the row was that it was broken up into 4 sets of 1200 meters (with a 1000 meter start and 1000 meter finish). And each of the those 1200 meters was broken up into sprints and moderate pacing. It made it possible. It made it doable! We did it! And we actually had fun. This is our 8am crew who made it so fun. We really made it a team effort. Just pushing each other through the pain, keeping each other on our pacing track and encouraging each other till the end. We are both happy that it’s done and feeling super accomplished all at once!

Yucaipa CrossFit members

This whole experience keeps reminding me that even at this point in my life, I need to continually step out of what’s comfortable for me. And take things on with a positive attitude. Attitude is everything! I mean, things may make you want to run and hide. But facing them, sweating through them and coming out on the other side is the best feeling ever. I want to always face my weaknesses. I want to always learn about myself and grow and I want to always teach my kids that life may not be perfect, but you can make the best out of it. I know it’s so silly, but I just find so much comparison of daily life to CrossFit. I love it. I thank God daily that He lets me be a part of this with other people.

So, my encouragement to you is, try new things! Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the ride. Most likely you’ll learn more about yourself, how God created you and how you respond in difficult situations. That’s always fun to learn about yourself. I realize I don’t have to get so sweaty about silly things. And I just need to enjoy the process. Because it’s fun. Afterwards :)