• Jun 25, 2014


I LOVE Summer! It’s always been my favorite! I love the LONG days the most, combined with the ability to go to the beach… it’s just my favorite! We just moved into our house last November, so this is our first Summer in our house. We were pretty sure we had a peach tree in our backyard and two other fruit trees, and guess what??? We have a peach and TWO APPLE TREES!! (Why is this so exciting to me? I don’t know. But I love it!)  And yes, I’ve already made two Paleo Peach Cobblers from the fruit off our tree!

This Summer is already different, it’s more of a balancing act with kids and CrossFit! Also, my parents are gone for the WHOLE Summer, so I am taking over my mom’s job at the family business, while my husband is taking over more areas of the business for my dad. And no sleeping in for us, because I have to have all three kids out the door to get to CrossFit to coach every morning! Yikes. It’s already been really busy in that regard. But fortunatly we have so many friends that are like family and they’ve helped me out so much with the kids.

Jackson at YogurtlandLOCAL SUMMER FUN

Since we aren’t going anywhere, we decided to make Friday’s our FUN day! With coaching at CrossFit and VBS and swim lessons for Malina, we are trying to do local things fun and cheap! Two Friday’s ago ended up being a fun time with just me and Jackson. We went to Skytown for jumping and playing and then Yogurtland for a treat (of course!). Oh my goodness, I love this boy!

I think I mentioned my love for the beach above, so my other plan is to get to the beach with the kids every other Friday. I don’t care which beach, just a beach that we can play in the water and have fun! So we hit up Corona Del Mar with some friends last Friday. It was a PERFECT day and we all played in the water so much, we are still getting sand out of our ears. haha

Boogie Board MalinaMalina has never “officially” gone boogie boarding… and oh my goodness, she had a blast!! This girl is always keeping me on my toes with her adventure, joy  and fearlessness! (you HAVE to click this link to see Malina boogie boarding!)

Next things on our Summer list are:

  • Mill Creek to play in the water
  • Jenks lake with friends
  • more beach days
  • Regional Park in our town
  • Lake Gregory up in the mountains



These are all local, fun and not too expensive activities that we can all have fun doing together these next few months! Although I wish we were going to Hawaii (haha!) I’m totally excited for our family to make fun memories together this Summer. Cana is already asking to go to Summer camp!! I’m not sure if I’m good with that yet though. Isn’t she still my baby? My constant challenge in life, in raising kids, being a wife, a coach and a friend is to always be me. God made me a simple person. And very transparent! (haha!) Although there are times that I feel like I want more “material” things, I just have to remember that I’m not missing out on anything by not having a lot. I want to give that sense of freedom from materialism to my kids too.

Hopefully that will happen this Summer! More updates soon!!!