Skinny thighs? That won't last.

Skinny thighs? That won't last.
  • Jan 18, 2014

I had a funny thing happen to me last weekend, I thought I’d share.

So we did Murph at Yucaipa CrossFit. If you’ve never done that WOD, you should. It’s scalable (meaning anyone can do it in any form) and it’s awful when you do it RX. REAL RX is with a 20lb vest (which I’ve yet to accomplish it that way!). And it’s a Hero WOD, meaning it’s named for a Hero. Read about the Hero Murph here.

So I do Murph last Saturday morning, then take my kids to our local coffee shop. I’m a mess (looking). Sweaty, yuck and buying breakfast for my kids and I!! And of course I see everyone in our town! haha! I love it… but, I can tell people are looking. At the shirt, at the shorts (maybe a little too short for a mom? I don’t know) I’m wearing a shirt from a competition I did last summer (so it has a lady in a swimsuit with a barbell- maybe  a little too risqué??? I don’t know!) Is it my SHOULDERS? (too big??) Is it my THIGHS???  (they are getting more sturdy every week!!) hahaha!! I just chalk it up to, I’m a hot mess after the WOD and it is what it is!

I’m at a place in my life where I’m so happy to have the accomplishment of Murph under my belt, along with being a mom to these three kiddos, I’ll take the stares.

Here’s the thing, CrossFit doesn’t make you skinny.

But why do people want to be skinny? I heard someone say, “my thighs are finally 28″ there’s no way I’m doing CrossFit! My thighs will get too big!” People will literally run themselves into the ground doing crazy cardio and over training their muscles so that they can fit into a certain size jeans… or have their thighs a certain (smaller) size and be totally unhealthy doing it. All this instead of doing something that helps you obtain overall optimal health because it might make your thighs big.

There are few “skinny” women in this world. It’s just genetic. The majority of us women are built for strength, for childbirth, for survival! Truly, I feel this way! AND I believe that our society has made that healthy, strong, sturdy woman a bad thing. And it’s not.

So that’s why I CrossFit! It makes my version of me BETTER! I’m stronger, I’m healthier, I want to eat healthier because it makes me finish my workouts stronger and yeah, I have big, strong thighs!! But guess what? I had big chubby thighs before I CrossFitted! So now, I just have a better version of me :) and I like it. So I’ll take the stares. And I encourage you to take the stares.

CrossFit has made me more feminine, because I am confident in the woman I am. If CrossFit isn’t your thing, then no biggie!! Just make sure you’re doing what you’re doing because you LOVE it! Not because you want smaller thighs. That won’t last.

Love the body God gave you. Take care of it. Strive for optimal health. Skinny isn’t always healthy.

Have a great Saturday :)


Here’s me an Linsey at our Competition last summer – we are rowing and doing 2 for 1 wall balls! SOOOO HARD!!! And so not possible without strong legs!