Play Time

Play Time
  • Feb 23, 2014

Living in SoCal, we don’t get to the beach nearly as much as we should. Sometimes the thought of packing up our family of 5 for the day or afternoon is a little overwhelming. Add in the busyness of life and sometimes we just say, “next week we’ll go.” Or “next month!” or let’s be real, “next summer we will for sure get there!”

It might be the most frustrating thing about myself, putting off doing fun things like that, because I LOVE the beach! I love being outside and I love watching the sun set over the ocean. I love the moisture in the air, how it makes my kids hair get all curly. The smell of the salt and the sand everywhere is almost perfection. (until the sand gets into my house…)

I love the ages my kids are at right now, where they know their limits with the ocean. (wait. I take that back. Malina would jump into the ocean fully clothed if she could. Still gotta keep a hawk’s eye on that girl.) It’s still super fun!

We finally got to spend the afternoon at the beach last weekend and it was perfect!

Here’s some pictures of our fun afternoon. Notice how Malina is basically laughing the whole time! We found a tiny starfish, the kids got so wet (we didn’t bring bathing suits. whoops! It’s February, I thought no way would they go in the water!) And we got some fun pictures of us with the sun setting. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Don’t let life go by! Play with your family! Have fun and enjoy the life that God gave you! That is what I have to remind myself!!

Kids on the beach Kids on the beach 2 Kids at beach sunset Starfish in child's hand Child at reef Child at beach sunset IMG_3381 Amy and family at the beach  Couple at sunset Couple at beach sunset 2