Our Next Step

Our Next Step
  • Nov 25, 2013

It’s been almost three years since we moved our family back to CA.

Amy drivingMoving TruckChildChild 2

(These are pictures from the day of our move on January 16, 1011)

Malina was 13 months old. Jackson was just 4 and Cana was in Kindergarten. The 5 of us moved into my parents house. Humbled and Hopeful.

We put 80% of our life in a storage unit. All the material things that we thought were super important, we put them away.

The 7 of us figured out life together. Living together, eating together, even working together!

A tight bond was formed.

We’ve grown up the last 3 years. Always humbled, always blessed and always growing.

We paid off every last Credit Card bill, car payment and medical debt that followed us from our old life. And by a true Miracle from God and continued blessing with Chip’s job, we were able to buy a house. A cute, little, humble home with a yard!!

And so we move on from this stage. This rebuilding stage. And we get to resume as our little family of 5. But we will never forget the blessing we received along the way and we can’t wait to bless others the way we’ve been shown.

Outdoor family photo