My thoughts on the CrossFit Open 2014

My thoughts on the CrossFit Open 2014
  • Feb 28, 2014

So, I’ve been doing CrossFit for a while now!

It was that summer in 2008 that I remember posting wod’s based around a competition. It was like a Woodstock for CrossFit. I would look at all the pictures on their site and really wish I was there! haha! So, I would read the WOD’s, write them down (no iphones back then!) then take it out to my garage and scale it completely down so I could do it. Then at the end, of course, I’d compare my score or my time. Cuz that’s what I do. haha

Last year was the first time I officially signed up and competed in the CrossFit Open, which is the predecessor to the CrossFit Games. At first I didn’t want to do it, because I wasn’t at a high place of RXing wod’s and I wasn’t sure I was ready for it. I’d only been working out at a real box (other than my garage) for 6 months and barbell movement was super new for me, and I really wasn’t strong. I kinda just didn’t want to do it.

Finally, after some coaxing (we had gotten our Level 1 Cert about that time, and the energy after that event made me even more excited for CrossFit!) and lots of talking it over, I realized, it wasn’t about winning the Open, it was about doing the Open at the level was at and just having fun with it!

That’s kinda my jam. I can get so anxious and worried and competitive, that it takes all the fun away. Then I realize, wait, why am I doing this? It’s just another workout, and I LOVE workouts!! So why not just input my score after I do my very best and HAVE FUN. With no regrets. :)

So, here’s my advice or idea’s for the Open.

  1. Make sure you are having fun – that comes with being at a super supportive and encouraging Box first! (You should just come over to Yucaipa CrossFit!!) :)

  2. Know that these WOD’s are built for everyone – the beginner, to the most advanced at CrossFit! As exemplified in 14.1 that was revealed last night. Double Unders and Muscle Snatches for 10 minutes! Anyone can do those movements, some just do them more efficient and have a higher burn factor so they can do more rounds of it! But anyone can do it!

  3. Do some research on the WOD beforehand. My favorite is to read up on what Diane Fu and Kelly Starret say about mobility the night before. And barbell shrugged ( gives a good warm up for the day of. I like feeling prepared!

  4. Know the movements. During the WOD, the worst thing to get is a no rep. Because it means you do extra work without the points. Know the movements!

  5. You can take is as just another WOD for that week, or you can prepare like its an actual competition. At Yucaipa CrossFit, we are getting all the people that are signed up for the Open together tomorrow morning to do the workout together! It will just make it more fun and push us harder.

  6. Keep it fun!!!! (I can’t say that enough!!)

  7. I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, I know I’m not going to the Games, that’s not why I CrossFit. I just want to do my best and have no regrets. So that’s my plan for the Open. To do my best, know I did my best and encourage others that are ahead and behind me.

I love our sport! It brings the housewife/mom alongside the college baseball athlete to work out on the same platform and even compete with each other. When does that ever happen? We all encourage and support each other and on the other side of it, have grown stronger. Its so fun.

If you’re on the fence of doing the Open…… DO IT!!!! You won’t regret it!!

Happy Friday! And good luck on 14.1 and all the other Open WODS!!!