My final thoughts on the OPEN. Now that it's been over for a LONG time.

My final thoughts on the OPEN. Now that it's been over for a LONG time.
  • Apr 9, 2014

I LOVED doing the OPEN this year. OK, at one point I also hated it and told Linsey I wasn’t doing it next year. (That won’t happen).

So here are my thoughts on it, now that it’s over, long gone and we are off to our next training adventure!

This year, I took it up a notch in my importance list. Last year I did each WOD once, couldn’t walk or breathe for a few days after and moved onto the next WOD the next week. But this year I wanted to improve myself in my rankings over last year! (I also wanted to beat all the boys in our box! haha!) Kinda kidding. I mean, not really, because let’s be honest, I compete with them every single day. In fact, I had the best time on the board one morning after a regular WOD and sure enough at 5pm, I got a text from my friend Steven. No words, just a picture of the whiteboard, of how he demolished my WOD time! hahaha! I LOVED it! We have such a fun, healthy competitive nature in our box. But, when you’re competitive, you’re competitive! And that added pressure to myself.

So I want to say that I’m proud of my improvement over last year. This year the movements weren’t as difficult for me, but I felt like the WOD’s were harder. I felt like my burn threshold was higher than last year also. So that was good. I also learned that I’m really no good for a first go at it. Especially at 8am. I do much better having goals set from athletes who are at about the same level as me. It’s also helpful for me to do trial run through. I did 3 of the 5 Open workouts twice. (That’s not counting one that I started a second time, saw that I wasn’t doing any better and just stopped! OMG.) Each of those 3 I had a significant better score the second time around. Which is so weird. Which shows how much of a mental case I am. Which I think 50% of CrossFit is the mental game.

In the end, I had a great time, I learned a lot about myself and my weaknesses were brought to the light! So I need to work on my strength (deadlift specifically.) I need to increase my burn threshold with Double Under’s specifically, and I need to work on my Muscle Ups. All very evident areas of weaknesses for me. I need to rest less during regular WOD’s and learn to push myself a little harder through the pain. All stuff that will help for next year and just increase my fitness anyways!

Last year, 2013, I finished the OPEN at 535th place in our SoCal region. I was proud of that last year! This year, 2014, I finished in 371st place! So I did have a significant increase in placement.

So for a mom of 3, who turned 36 years old during the Open this year, and is competing against 22 year olds, I’m SO HAPPY with where I’m at with CrossFit! I love how the Open challenges me in a way that I don’t get challenged throughout the year. I love how it is a love/hate relationship! I love that it’s over and I know what I can work on this year.

I especially love how it brought our box together and we supported each other so much. I loved seeing people PR on new movements DURING the Open workouts, WHILE I was judging them!! (AMAZING!!!!) I LOVED see our athletes at Yucaipa CrossFit try things that they had never tried before during a workout and have amazing success. That’s what it’s all about. It was so awesome.

So I will do the Open next year :)

Here are some fun pics of the Open Wods!


Amy at the OPEN

Tired crossfitters

Athletes resting

OPEN photo collage

Amy completing OPEN