More Cleaning and Some Failing

More Cleaning and Some Failing
  • Jan 7, 2014

Back at it with Cleaning. I can’t help myself.

And when I talk about cleaning, I’m not joking when I say I spent most of Sunday cleaning my house! I was so thankful for my sweet 8 year old who loves to do chores (sometimes) and my sweet little 7 year old who just about likes anything! And one last thing I was thankful for??? My 4 year old who spent the afternoon with my parents while we did family cleaning. And it got done SO.MUCH.QUICKER :) LOVE HER!!!

Anyways, back to the other kind of Cleaning. (PS my house smelled so good for 20 whole minutes. It was amazing)

For reals, back to barbell cleaning.

So we had an insane WOD last Thursday. The best part was my CrossFit bestie (life bestie, ‘You’re Better Than That’ Bestie) and her cute little family came all the way out to our little town to WOD and have dinner with us. (our first dinner guests too!!) I had coached the WOD that morning, and I’ll be honest to say I was nervous for it later that day. Because 1. Linsey PUSHES me! It’s so fun to WOD with her and I just push myself like I never do! 2. I saw what people looked like after the WOD on Thursday. And it was scurrrrry.

It started like this:

Max Effort 500m Row. (KILLER) But I did PR!! My new time is: 1min 46.5 seconds


Take 20 minutes to work to a 1 rep MAX Clean and Jerk

The last time I worked the Clean and Jerk was back in October. I did get a PR of 155lbs that day! But I haven’t worked much skill in the split jerk since. Since we’ve been cleaning so much, I was excited! (Let’s just not forget that we all were so TAXED from our max effort 500m row 5 min prior!)

Either way, it was super exciting. It’s amazing to watch Linsey’s little body put up so much weight. Her technique is spot on.

I, on the other hand, do everything based on emotion! I can hardly keep track of the amount of weight, I count all wrong, I run out of time. I’m a mess. But in the end, I finished with a new Clean PR of 160lbs and failed the jerk!

Failure!! Am I a failure because I failed the jerk portion? I’ll be honest to say I’m bummed I didn’t get it… (I’ll also be honest in saying that sticking 160lbs over my head kinda freaks me out!! haha!!) But, so many of us don’t try new things for fear of failure. Or we have set this unrealistic standard for ourselves that we will never meet, so we fail before we even begin.

Here’s my deal, I’m never going to be perfect. I will always mess something up, I will ALWAYS have something inside of me to work on and grow in…  the physical side of our lives is such a tangible example of what is going on in the emotional side – inside us. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Some people don’t like CrossFit because they feel “shamed.” I’ll be honest, it’s my favorite part. I want to expose my weakness. I want to see where I need to grow. I WANT TO PEE MYSELF DURING DOUBLE UNDER’S!!!! (SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!) hahahahh!!

I might add that the rest of the WOD that night was another killer:

500m row

50 KBS (53lbs)

100 air squats

500m row


But here is my video of my failed jerk, and my new PR on the clean!:)




Don’t be afraid to FAIL :)

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