More Barbells, and No More Heart Rate Monitors

More Barbells, and No More Heart Rate Monitors
  • Feb 9, 2014

I love barbells.

It’s almost embarrassing how much I love them. I never knew I loved them so much until about 6 months ago.

I think I was such a cardio junkie/runner/bodyweight movement girl,that it just wasn’t interesting to me. And honestly I think I was more intimidated by the barbell than anything. But that click and the clank just drew me in (have you ever watched a video of someone doing a tap and go with a barbell? It’s my favorite sound ever!!)

Anyways, I’m just sitting here (not really sitting because I’m doing mama work- changing sheets, doing laundry, planning dinner) and thinking about how much fun we had at our barbell girls club yesterday. How legit does that sound? “Barbell club. Girls only.”

I actually overheard Chip say that while we girls were working out yesterday. “Look at this girls barbell club going on!” he said. It’s not a thing at all, but maybe it should be! Because it’s so fun!

So every Saturday after the 8am class a few of us girls have been meeting up to do some barbell work. (I mostly started it because it’s too hard to get my kids out the door super early on Saturday morning. But I can get them anywhere by 8:45! So 9am it has become.) We work on our cleans and we usually do an EMOM WOD then a strength like deadlifts, overhead squats and maybe do a metcon too. It’s been so good for me.

See, even a year ago I made Saturdays my running day. I didn’t WOD, I didn’t CrossFit. I felt as though I needed to run to keep up my endurance. So I diligently did my 5k loop. Every Saturday. Now I’m like, why do I have to run? If I love barbells, why wouldn’t I do more barbells? I probably burn more calories doing 30 minutes of barbell work than I do in a 30 minute run. But I actually can’t tell you if that’s true or not because I stopped wearing a heart rate monitor almost two years ago. BEST THING I EVER DID WAS GIVE UP WEARING A HEART RATE MONITOR. (By the way). Haha! I would get so obsessed with where my heart rate was at and how many calories I burned that it ruined the whole run or workout. It was a Godsend when the batteries ran out. I was trapped by my heart rate monitor. Just like I was trapped by my Saturday morning runs that really weren’t all that fun anymore.

I don’t CrossFit because I want to go to the CrossFit Games. I don’t CrossFit because I think I’m the best at it. I CrossFit because that one day in 2008, my first WOD, I was hooked by the pain in my chest and the pain in my body that I had never felt before. I was hooked by the competition of me against the clock. I was hooked that I could have that feeling – the feeling I got on the soccer field in high school during a game, or running at a track meet during college. I could feel that with every WOD, every day! As a MOM of 3, I could feel that! It’s a good thing.

Don’t get trapped by what you’re doing. Don’t get trapped by your past! Don’t get trapped by your heart rate monitor!!! haha! Just live and live joyfully! That’s the best part!

Have a great Sunday :)

We just finished up an awesome dinner and made some homemade chocolate dipped strawberries. So we are a happy bunch over here!

Strawberry snacks