Minimalist. Kinda.

Minimalist. Kinda.
  • Mar 25, 2014

I try to believe I’m a true minimalist.

In college, I got to spend a summer in Maui. I came home (home was an apartment in San Diego, shared with multiple girls) and swore to myself that I would be able to fit everything I owned in my VW Jetta, bike on top. I wanted nothing more!

Although time has gone on, and accumulation is at its finest when you have kids, a house, cars, jobs, etc. I still try to believe that I could live off very little and survive. (Am I the only one that thinks these thoughts? Do other people go here?? hahaha! This is becoming very transparent, isn’t it.) OK, kinda embarrassing. Anyways, 4 years ago, I made the switch to the ultimate minimalist shoe. The Vibram (5 finger shoes) Which made it fun to run! I mean, I could go to the beach and not even bring shoes! I’d just run! See how freeing being a minimalist is?

So fast forward to CrossFit. I used to do classes in my Vibrams! I felt so free! Then I started rowing and realized I wasn’t getting a good base on the foot platform because of how little there was to my shoes. Hmmmm. Then during front squats I thought I was going to fall over. Again, the foot platform wasn’t helping me. Hmmmm…

Then I realized I needed something for my wrists to help support them during heavy overhead movements. Oh shoot. Now I’m changing shoes, adding wrist wraps, getting lifting shoes! Getting a lifting BELT! Putting on HEADBANDS because all the jumping we do and my hair is everywhere!!! Oh dear. And what I realized is that as much as I love being a minimalist, I love my gear. And guess what. CrossFitters love their gear. Maybe I’m not a true minimalist!

Do you love your gear? Whatever sport it may be, let’s be honest, it’s totally fun to outfit yourself with all the stuff that makes doing that sport more efficient!


Here you can see in the pic some of my gear! CHALK, shoes, arm wrap… I could’ve added some tape on my thumbs too!

The truth of it is, you don’t need all the gear to do CrossFit. It is nice to have gear, but ultimately CrossFit and Yucaipa CrossFit specifically is a program that is designed to make your life better. To help you move better, more efficiently through life. You don’t need gear for that. We want to help you get mobile. We want you to go on a camping trip and be able to pick up that 40 lb ice chest and move it to the shade, barefooted without hurting your back!

We want you to be able to go on a bike ride or a run and feel stronger than you’ve ever felt!

We want you to go to the beach and do handstands with your kids in the sand!

OK, maybe these are all the things I want (and did) during our last family camping trip! haha! But I want that for everyone. To be able to move freely, without pain, using minimal gear, no constraints or ties, just enjoying the life God gave you with confidence! So maybe I am still a minimalist :)


Here is the picture of truly life with out constraints! Minimalism at its finest! :)

Happy Tuesday!