• Nov 29, 2013
What were you doing for fitness before Yucaipa CrossFit?

I was doing CrossFit at another box that was too far away.
I put my workouts on the back burner in my life.

What brought you to Yucaipa CrossFit?

The main thing that brought me initially to check out YCF was the location to my house.  I really wanted to keep CrossFitting but needed it to be convenient enough for me to go often.  When I came to check out Yucaipa Crossfit it was way more than convenience.  The atmosphere was positive and uplifting.

The kids area is unreal and the coaching was awesome.  Having time with my kids is a main priority and now I can bring my kids anytime and have them actually watch me work out.

YCF is definitely more than just a gym, its a place I love to be!  I am very thankful I found Yucaipa CrossFit and tried it out.

I have not only made huge strides towards getting healthier but I have also been able to make even more friendships along the way :)

Tell us about your experience at YCF?

My experience at YCF has been amazing.  I love the trainers and all the people here.  The trainers have an amazing ability to see their clients strengths and weaknesses and help them improve.

Sean, Amy, Chip and Ron make you feel like you have known them forever and work hard to try to help you progress within your own needs.  Since I started I have reached many goals that I secretly had for myself and have watched my kids (they are 3 and 4) develop a new love for wanting to CrossFit themselves. Plus they love to go and give Sean a hard time :).  

The new Crossfit Kids program is gonna be huge and my kids are so excited to be a part of it.

What is your favorite YCF memory?

I have a few great memories… The first is listening to Sean and using a taller box for a WOD. I completed a WOD that included using a 20 inch box for box jumps.

In over two years of CrossFit I had never been able to use a 20” box…Then hitting a 20lb PR on my back squat next to Lindsey Harp (who has no idea how strong she is)… Finally doing a 1 mile run (I despise running) as a warm up running with David and Danielle. I was able to do talk while we ran the entire way :)

What is your biggest area of improvement?

I have improved a lot with my overall squats.  I struggle with a very sore hip and I have been finding I am getting lower each day as well as feeling less and less pain.

What is your next goal?

To keep improving my health and have my family do it with me.  

What is your favorite WOD/movement?

My favorite WOD is any WOD with heavy weights and pull ups.  They are always very challenging but make me feel so accomplished after.

What movements/WODs are your least favorite?

Overhead squats. But I plan on making those easier once I continue to improve my overall squat.   O ya and thrusters are pure death!

Anything else you would like to share?

CrossFit truly is for anyone regardless of where you may begin.  If you are out of shape or even a gym rat, you can benefit from CrossFit and you will BENEFIT if you give it a chance.  Get over to Yucaipa Crossfit, you will be so glad you did!  Sean, Amy, Chip, and Ron will make you want to get you butt to the box everyday because even if that WOD is terrible they will be there along with all the great peeps cheering you on :)