• Nov 20, 2014


I have the best job in the world. Being a coach at Yucaipa CrossFit is just my favorite! I’ve had the CrossFit bug since 2008 and all I’ve really wanted is to get people to love it right along with me!

I was so excited the day Nikki Smith walked into our box. Well, Nikki doesn’t really walk, she kinda hops. She has a spring in her step and she is super focused! She means business!! I’ve known of Nikki forever. Not just from being from the same smallish town as her (my sister and her are about the same age), but I remember watching her on the TV show, ‘The Gladiators’ back in 2008. That was when I was first into CrossFit and I remember thinking, “gosh, she should be CrossFitting!!” hah!


What you need to know about Nikki is that she’s known in our town! She might be the ‘Fitness Queen’! She ran a bootcamp at the local gym for years that just scared people. (In a good way!) She can be seen running the streets of Yucaipa (and probably doing pushups at red lights!) sprinting the trails and teaching her outdoor Bootcamps to people who are very serious about their fitness. She’s a hard core runner and has even competed in a Women’s Figure competition. What I’ve learned about Nikki, is that her true love is fighting. And I know this because she may or may not have taken me down one day. Like, she tackled me, onto the ground. And it hurt. So what I’m saying is that Nikki really did take me down. And there is a video of it somewhere.

So when Nikki walked into Yucaipa CrossFit and signed a contract, I was SO excited! I couldn’t wait to turn her into a CrossFitter!! In the beginnning, Nikki would still go to her old gym after a WOD and get her bicep curls in. She was very nervous to lose her biceps. She loved the machines at the gym (they had been a part of her life for a long time. I get it!) The idea of being done with a warm up, strength set and workout in an hour didn’t really settle with her at first. She struggled to get low in her squat and had a neck issue. As time went on, Nikki’s squat improved, her neck pain went away and she was loving the WOD’s!! She even did a team Competition!!


Although she never really saw herself as a CrossFitter, she can RX most WOD’s and will stay after class most days to work on her Kip, Bar Muscle up and anything to help her mobility. She is such a hard worker and is so motivating and encouraging to the people around her! We always joke with her at the box asking her if she’s still doing her bicep curls… and then we will bring her some dumbbells so she can work on them! She’s got a great sense of humor, so it’s all in good fun.

Today though, TODAY she revealed something to me! (She still does personal training and bootcamps at the park) One of her clients asked her, “why aren’t we doing this at the gym anymore?” (The globo gym, not CrossFit.) Her response to her client was, “I just can’t see the point of going into the gym and doing a bunch of Bicep Curls anymore!” WHAAAAAT???? We were dying when she told us that! Nikki told me that she is at the place where she understands the movements we learn in CrossFit really have made a difference in her life. You move better,  you run faster, you squat deeper and you’re just stronger altogether! And she has experienced all those benefits!


That just made my day! I’m so lucky that someone like Nikki gets to see the benefits of CrossFit for life, but what is even better is that I have gained an amazing friendship in knowing her! What an amazing woman she is. She is inspiring, hard working and fierce! All of us at Yucaipa CrossFit are lucky she is there. Here are some fun pictures of Nikki!

Nikki at the 5k

Within the first month of meeting her, she talked me into racing the Run Through Redlands 5k with her (she beat me!)

Nikki and Amy at the 5k

We flexed our Biceps after our 5k though! hahahaa!

Nikki on the winner podium

She podiumed in her age group!! And flexed those guns!!

Amy and Nikki

I was lucky to coach along side her at a Women’s Retreat geared towards Fitness and Faith. Nikki is an awesome girl who loves the Lord and encourages me and other’s to grow in our Faith!

Yucaipa Crossfit Members

And here we are at the end of a class WOD, where we gave Nikki some dumbell’s to curl! ha! We love her so much and are so thankful she is a part of our CrossFit family!

I hope you are encouraged by this story of Nikki and her revelation of Bicep Curls! Nikki encourages us all everyday by doing what she loves and working hard. The decision she made to try CrossFit and doing functional movements has changed her life, which is pretty awesome!