• May 14, 2014


I’ve been a little MIA on my blog here! Here’s why, my kids got a horrible virus and it sucked!

No, it wasn’t Mad Cow Disease (but it might as well have been! haha!) We all go through times with sick kids, I mean, what’s life as a parent without a sick kiddo?? But sometimes it’s best for me to not write about those things in the moment. I do better referring to them in hindsight! (I’m not the best nurse.)

So what really happened is, my kids all got Hand Foot and Mouth disease! It went like this, 3 weeks ago, Jackson got it from school. By the time we figured it out, we quarantined him. Which meant, I was quarantined with him. We did all the research on it (and when I say we, I mean my friend, Nurse Kelly did all the research. Thank you Kelly!!) and she gave me the appropriate amount of time to keep him quaratined. We were one day from him getting “out” and guess what, Cana got it. But it was OK! We all said, this is going to BE OK!!! You know why??? Because Malina hadn’t gotten in yet! Because if it was Malina that got it, my life would be over! So when Cana got it, we kept her quarantined and just kept checking Malina and thanking the Lord… and then guess what?


I should’ve known. I mean how could she not get it? And it was miserable! Poor little thing. All the research says it’s worse for younger kids. And the research wasn’t lying. Poor Malina. 

So it was about 3 weeks of keeping my kids away from other kids, washing hand profusely and doing lots and lots of laundry again. I will say this: LICE IS WORSE. haha! This didn’t compare to Lice. But, it just wore me out. So in a way, it gave me a few days to just rest with the kids, watch movies and not get out the door super fast in the morning. That was a nice change! But it was hard!

Life is funny like that. We have so much planned and we try to do everything to stay healthy and then BAM! Weird virus hits the kids and plans change.

So again, these times cause me to be thankful. (in HINDSIGHT. Because I’m human.) Thankful for good health most of the time! Thankful that I have my kids to experience these weird diseases. Thankful that God let me be a mom to my silly 3. Thankful that they have patience with me since I’m not the best nurse. And thankful for my sweet husband and our amazing friends and community who support us and help us out through these times!

Oh, and I’m thankful I didn’t get it!

I did hear it spread around town like wildfire though!! These diseases are so weird. I only got one picture of that horrible three week virus. And this is it!

Sick child

But, we still had a fun Easter – this is before the virus… and Malina’s nails had just been painted. So that’s what’s going on there.

Amy and children

We ran the Run Through Redlands with Yucaipa CrossFit and had a blast!! It was a personal test to see if not running and only CrossFitting kept me up to my old 5k pace, and guess what? It does!! I actually won my age division, which is so fun!

Yucaipa CrossFit runners

At the Run through Redlands, I found out I am one of the new 2014 Ambassadors for BIC Bands!! YAY!!! So exciting becasue I wear them everyday, for every workout and run. My girls love them too!

Girls BIC bands

BicBands Ambassador 2014

There’s just been lots of exciting stuff has going on. Yucaipa CrossFit had a vendor booth at our local music and arts festival too, so we had to make it fun!!

Yucaipa CrossFit booth


Life is exciting right now and I know I am just blessed. That’s all there is to it. God knew the depths of my heart. That I wanted to be a mom first and I wanted to do CrossFit for a living. He took me (and my family) down a windy road  to get here. (Maybe a post on that one day?!) And this, completely knowing we will face more winding roads ahead, because that’s part of life… But here I am now! Doing what I know God has created me for and I am blessed. I get to CrossFit with my hubby, I get to meet and coach the most amazing people and I get to sweat hard and make personal fitness accomplishments along this road too. God is good.  If I meet you and you come through the door at CrossFit, or I run into you around town and we get to chat, know that YOU are a blessing to me. I am thankful.

Even if Mad Cow hits.

Until next time!