In the think.

In the think.
  • Dec 5, 2013

We are still in the thick of organizing our life in our new home!

It was a little like Christmas going through all my kitchen boxes and putting up our King size bed (oh how I missed my Cal King!!) We packed up a bunch of toys before we moved, so the kids are loving going through their old toys, they are like new again!!

We live closer to the kids’ schools and I’ve still been coaching at WODing at CrossFit… because well, when I don’t WOD, things just don’t feel right!

My amazing friend (Linsey) posted this article on her Facebook a few days ago. I read it and loved it. I have to post it here because it really describes what I was trying to say a few posts back about women and exercise and little eyes watching their mamas.

Not to mention the importance of how exercise and fitness (for me CrossFit) is supposed to make your life better outside the box or the gym! It’s not always about visualizing yourself looking better, or fitting into clothes. It’s about accomplishing something you never thought you could, about being the BEST YOU, or just about having fun for that hour a day. I hope everyone reads it and is able to get something from it!

Now, I’m back to unpacking and organizing! OH and cleaning up dog hair from the previous owners!! ACK!!! But mostly, enjoying this part of our journey in life. It’s always wonderful to have the ability to start over, in a new home. We feel SO FORTUNATE. And continually blessed by Jesus
Here’s a few pictures of the rooms that are almost completed!! .

Stylish kitchen