Hi Fran. No Regrets.

Hi Fran. No Regrets.
  • Dec 29, 2013

If you CrossFit, you’ve either heard of the infamous workout ‘Fran’ or you’ve done it and reveled in all her glorious pain.

When I was still working out in my garage gym 2 years ago, I attempted Fran with a scaled weight of 45lbs. (so just the bar)

The workout goes like this:


Thrusters (95/65)


I think I could do all the pull-ups back then (but they were UGLY). I remember finishing in over 7 minutes. And I also remember feeling sick ALL DAY!!!

Fast forward to Yucaipa CrossFit. Over that last 4-5 months, we’ve done so many thruster and pull-up WOD’s, and at the end of them, all I could say was “man, if my Fran time hasn’t gotten better from these WOD’s I’m going to be mad!!” haha :)

Last January I did Fran in 4:59 – rx (which means no scale – all thrusters at 65lbs and no help on the pull-ups)

Last May I did Fran in 4:11 – rx again.

So when we coaches decided to do Fran the weekend before this Christmas, I was super excited.

And guess what? All those thruster pull-up wods helped! I got a new 28 second PR of 3:43!!

And guess what? I wanted to die! hahahaha!!

It was exciting because I’ve never felt stronger on the thrusters and my pull-ups felt tight. It’s just nice to experience all that hard work pay off!

People sometimes get confused with CrossFit because they think it’s just for crazy people, or they can never do the workouts because they are too extreme. But this WOD is a perfect example of how anyone can do CrossFit and scale a workout down, but at the same time experience what working out against a clock feels like and pushing yourself to the point of having no regrets.

As a mom of 3, who is mid 30’s (for real. pinch me.) I just want to live with no regrets. I want my workouts to be fun and I want to work hard, I want my kids to know how much I love them, I want to shine for Jesus in my life and I want each day, at the end to look back and have no regrets. This year has been such a blessing of opening up Yucaipa CrossFit, moving into our own house and growing some of the most amazing friendships I’ve ever had. God has blessed me and I can look back at this year with no regrets!

Let 2014 be a year of No Regrets!!

Here’s some pics of Fran:

Crossfit FRAN Crossfit Fran 2  Crossfit Pullup

Here’s when I wanted to barf afterwards



These are my round times, which I thought was interesting!

Whiteboard Times