Eat Real Food

Eat Real Food
  • Nov 8, 2013

I like food. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. :)

In fact, it used to be that I would exercise just to keep up with the food I was eating! Not the best cycle if you know what I mean.

A little less than two years ago,  I was researching a holistic way to keep my body healthy and my immune system up. I was having lots of sinus infections and horrible allergies and was just done with the antibiotics and a daily allergy pill! The research I found showed that getting rid of foods that cause inflammation in your body lets your body heal internally which in turn makes your immune system go up and more able to fight disease. That actually made sense to me. The easiest way to follow a low inflammation diet was to follow the Paleo diet. So after a while of more research, stepping 50% in, I finally just decided that my health was worth it.

I was all over it! I just needed a reason to do it, so I went 100%!

I’ve followed the Paleo diet for almost 2 years. I’m not super strict, but I do stay strict about eliminating grains and gluten. I have Kefir, Greek yogurt (I love the full fat kind) and I love kerrygold butter!

And the best part is, I’ve never felt better! No sinus infections since I eliminated grains and gluten, much less bloating and much more energy! My body thrives on this diet. Not to mention its just made our whole family healthier since I basically cook every meal from scratch now!

Some people think its weird, a fad, too complicated or gross (b.c they like to think we are only eating red meat and fat! haha). But it’s quite the opposite, in fact I see it as I’m eating REAL FOOD now. Very minimally processed, healthy, from the ground, from a tree, from a pasture :) And I personally believe that’s the way our bodies were intended to eat.

I’ll talk about how I feed my family in a different post. But for now, here’s this funny chart I found floating around Facebook a year ago that made me laugh, but totally makes sense to me too!