• Feb 21, 2015


I coach five different CrossFit Kids classes as an elective at a charter school. In all of my classes I stress that our main goal is to MAKE FITNESS FUN! So when the boys in my middle school class asked if we could play Ultimate Frisbee, I couldn’t set up the cones and goals fast enough! I split the group into two teams and what do ya know, they were short one player. I guess Coach Marie was going to have to play (I secretly began doing a happy dance). I placed myself on a team and my teammates seemed indifferent to me playing. THEY HAD NO IDEA!

I believe it was only five minutes into the game (and after I had already scored four times) that the boys on the other team were yelling “Coach, you can’t play anymore. Coach, you have to sit out a little bit.” I loved hearing that. I loved that these boys were seeing their 34 year-old female coach out Ultimate Frisbee Sportrun them up and down the field and sprint to snatch a Frisbee from their grasp. In return they started trying harder, running faster, jumping higher and communicating with their team.


I am sure they were expecting a fun, leisure game of Ultimate Frisbee. But when time was up, we all could see the game was anything but leisure. Looking around I noticed we all had red, sweaty faces, we were out of breath, but we were also laughing and smiling. The boys had no idea that the game had turned out to be more intense and physically demanding than any WOD we had programmed for them. Those kids just needed to know that they played an awesome game of Ultimate Frisbee on a Wednesday afternoon.