CrossFit Improves Your Well-Being

CrossFit Improves Your Well-Being
  • Sep 9, 2013

CrossFit improves your well being

I know it sounds so silly, but its true. We want you to learn how to move better, in a healthier way, so you don’t injure yourself. Then we want you to move faster with more intensity and begin to lift heavy things fast. In the end, it should make your life better! Whether its playing with your kids, taking kids up and down stairs in your house, unloading groceries or just sitting correctly at your work desk so you don’t have back pain, your life really should get better after CrossFitting for a while!

Get out and play

Sometimes, we CrossFitters get so excited about CrossFitting, Rxing the next WOD, or training for an event that we forget that our life should be enhanced by our training. We forget to PLAY. Don’t forget to play! Here are 5 simple ways to get out and play. And CrossFitting should make these events more fun and easier to accomplish!

  • Go on a hike with the family - we have amazing trails here in Yucaipa!
  • Swim for the afternoon with your kids! (the Regional Park is still open!!)
  • Play catch or kick the soccer ball around with your kids
  • Go on a bike ride! Yucaipa has some beautiful trails for offroad rides, or take a hard road ride up to Oak Glen.
  • Join an adult softball team.

If these ideas aren’t enough for you, here’s a link from Mark’s Daily Apple that will give you some other fun ideas to bring “Play” back into your life!