Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone
  • Feb 9, 2014

Chip and I got to go on an impromptu date night last night!!! It was so exciting.

I got a call from my mom. She said, “come over for dinner!” Then she added “Orrrrrr, we can take our grand babies to pizza and you and Chip can go on a date!” Of course, I took the second offer. We have had a hard time getting out on dates for the last 4 years, haha. Meaning, the 3rd child makes life a little.bit.harder. (We have been out more frequently, which has been awesome!)

Anyways, I told Chip that date night was on. I got really excited about the fig burger and sweet potato fries I’d be eating at Eureka Burger. Then I said, “let’s go to some stores since we won’t have kids with us and maybe start think about DECORATING THE HOUSE!” (Neither of us actually got excited about that.) But we did think it was a good time to shop without kids.

So, let’s be honest. I’m not crafty, I’m not a decorator and I have a 3 little kids running around my house all day. I don’t really have time to be all that crafty!! I just want a cozy house. BUT I do also like “feeling good” in my house. Have I told you I haven’t been on pinterest in 3 years? I don’t do it because it totally overwhelms me. I want to love what I have without feeling like I need more. (that was a total side note!!) But, I am getting sick of my bare walls. And I don’t just want to hang up my 5 million picture frames all over the house! haha! (I swear I had that many from my old house. o.m.g.) I have ideas, but they all require being crafty. And every spare moment I have, well, I’m definitely not being crafty.

So, we head over to a store after dinner. It’s fun, we browse. We see cute lanterns. We see cute things that we could hang on our bare walls and would work well with our fun fireplace. Anyways, we get stumped. And overwhelmed. And we walk around some more. Aimlessly.

And we end up in the jars section.

And the blanket section.

And suddenly we are both happy! And EXCITED!

And I find the cutest jars for my kombucha!! And Chip finds a blanket that can cover his LONG legs on our couch!!

And he says, “we have found our comfort zone. and we really can’t get out of it.”

So we leave the store having bought jars, (4 of them) a blanket for Chip and some t-shirts for our boy. Nothing to move forward in decorating our house.

We are in our comfort zone, and we really can’t get out.

But that’s ok!! We are just loving having a home. Making it ours, slowly figuring it out, dealing with the bare walls and making family memories as we go.

My desire and something that I work on daily, is to be happy in the present with what we have. I really try not to long for things I don’t have. It’s so freeing!  It’s the same with the physical. I choose to be happy with the body God gave me. I am so fortunate to move and have fun with CrossFit and running around with my kids on a daily basis. I will never take that for granted. I’ll never be perfect. My house will never be perfect and my body will never be perfect, but I will love both and take care of both.

Life is a blessing. Enjoy your comfort zone [if your in it and its healthy], or try really hard get out of it and enjoy that process! Whichever place you are in, just make sure you don’t take it for granted!

Fruit and beverage

Look at the cute jar I did buy :) Now that’s fun!