Church and Ab-Mat Sit-Ups

Church and Ab-Mat Sit-Ups
  • Nov 11, 2013

Today, I was sitting next to my hubby at church. Something made me laugh (I think it was the usual – the Pastor is teaching, I get confused, I ask Chip what something means, he does a long pause, then starts to whisper answer. Then he stops mid answer, sighs and changes his whisper answer to, “we can talk after church.”) Typical typical Sunday during church conversation for us. And that made me laugh. Because every single Sunday it happens.

As I was laughing I kinda cringed for a minute and realized my abs were sore. Which made me laugh MORE because its rare that I get sore abs! I mean, Annie gets me every.single. time. (Annie is  a CF WOD with TONS of ab mat sit-ups) But because CrossFit movements are foundational and functional, (meaning the movements start from the CORE and go to EXTREMITY) I’m using my core in every WOD.

So that was a tangent. But the laugh made me remember I did TABATA ab-mat sit-ups yesterday and I feel it today. And I kinda love it. And it made me remember how much fun I had doing the WOD yesterday with some athletes I coach, that have become great friends and I get to work out with them when I’m not coaching. And it’s ALL my favorite!!

Doesn’t everyone love the pain of sore abs when they laugh? Or sore quads after a sprint workout? Or sore shoulders as they are learning the Press and Push-Press?! Haha! Not really, but it’s a good reminder of an accomplishment from the previous day.

I want to congratulate those of you that stick to it, even when you don’t totally love it.

Here’s the MAIN POINT:


Some people have a commitment issue. Some people have a financial issue. Some people have a time issue. Some people have an issue from their past that stunts their present. I get it. I get it all.

I’m a mom with three kids and a husband that works close to 60 hours a week. I coach at our gym, I help in the kid’s classroom (I mean, lets be honest, its just once  a week!) And we are extremely tight on finances. I get it.

But you are worth it. I am worth it!

Find what you love. Move your body, sweat and make your muscles sore. So when you laugh, you remember the previous morning that was awesome and horrible all in one, but you had so much fun with friends and sweat in your eyes that it makes you smile and then you laugh some more.

Outdoor lunges

Get after it! If you’re local, come see me at Yucaipa CrossFit and we can do laughing ab-mats together.

Or you can make your whole family do lunges with you when you are camping. They’ll love you. And when they walk, they’ll think of you because of their leg soreness. And then you can tell them “YOU’RE WORTH IT!!!” (oh wait, maybe that just happens to me).

Happy Sunday