Chronic Cardio? Healthy or Not?

Chronic Cardio? Healthy or Not?
  • Aug 1, 2013

Chronic is bad for your health

What is chronic cardio? From what I’ve read, my definition of chronic cardio is doing cardio and training at the top of your heart rate zone for an extended amount of time to lose weight faster and get healthy quicker.

It’s important to look at the truth behind it and see how chronic cardio really serves our bodies over an extended amount of time. Is it really healthy? Sure you’re moving and exercising, which we can’t say for most Americans, but is chronic cardio healthy over time?

Let me be clear to say, I’m not knocking those that have a true love for marathoning, half marathoning, triathlons or endurance races. What I’m saying, is if you are doing chronic cardio to lose weight (or maintain your low weight) and you thinking running everyday is the best thing for you, its time to look at some other research.