• Apr 15, 2015


Deciding to do CrossFit was one of the best decision of my life. Not just because it has gotten me into the best shape of my life, but because of the people that I have become so close with in the process.

Right after high school (before I joined YCF), my three closest friends all left; two left for college and one went to Uruguay for a two-year mission. Not to get super sad and “feel-sy”, but I felt pretty alone. I felt even more alone since I was going to start my first year of college where I didn't really know anyone. However, everything changed after I heard about YCF!

Building Muscle and FriendshipsAt the end of my freshman year of college, I decided to check out Yucaipa CrossFit with my buddy Austin (who is now also one of the coaches) and I fell in love with it. I decided to join. I got my butt kicked every day, I tore my hands, everything hurt, but it was the BEST THING EVER! (Besides Jesus and food.) What was even better than working out was the community that was forming at the same time! I can honestly say that I now have some of the best friends and mentors that I have ever had because of Yucaipa CrossFit. If it weren’t for YCF I guarantee that I wouldn't have ever talked to or known about 95% of the people that I now know!


There's just a special bond you create with people when you are yelling at someone (or getting yelled at) to finish their last couple of reps of a workout. They are screaming, sweating, panting, maybe even bleeding and they probably hate you in that moment, but afterwards, once the sweat angels have dried and the shirts and shoes go back on, you become best friends! Haha! It is really cool. I know I always want Coach Amy to be watching when I work out because her high pitched voice really carries. Sometimes, during the workout I wish she wasn't there ;), but deep down I know it's for the best, and we have grown super close because of countless situations like that.

So I guess I am just trying to say that in CrossFit, not only will you get in the best shape of your life, but you'll grow some amazing relationships with people that you would never have had the privilege of knowing otherwise.