• Jul 31, 2014


Today was supposed to be our big summer family outing of going to Knott’s Berry Farm. We were all so excited! The kids could all go on rides, I couldn’t wait to go with Cana on the “real” roller coasters and it was supposed to be a fun family day away.

Except that Cana woke up barfing at midnight last night and barfed all.night.long. And this morning! Poor girl! We were all so sad. But here’s the little two at Knott’s! Oh my goodness they are so cute.

Kids at a barn


Jackson got the bug last week, Malina got it last Saturday (missing another fun family lake day) and we thought Cana has escaped it! (Pictured is our fun lake day!!)

Amy and kids at a lake

So I’m home today, enjoy the quiet, knowing I can’t go anywhere, just bringing water and toast to my girl while she watches endless amounts of Netflix.


It kinda reminds me of the hot summer days we had while living in Arizona and we really couldn’t go anywhere! And it makes me thankful to see the road God has taken us. See, we has gone through some really hard times as a family in Arizona. When I was pregnant with Malina, Chip got very sick. He was diagnosed with Type I diabetes, then a temporary heart condition called Cardiomyopathy on top of bulging/degnerative discs in his back that were causing him excruciating pain on a daily basis. All those health problems made for a really difficult time in life! (I refer to 2009 as the worst year ever – besides Malina being born that year!)

We suffered financially, our marriage suffered and we had to literally start our lives over. So when we moved back to California, we worked hard to get our marriage healthy, to get our debts paid off and to get Chip healthy. (All while living with my parents!) Even through our trials, we can see how God had his hand in our lives and protected us from so much worse.


CrossFit always plays a role in my life story. I always wondered how God would let me use a passion like CrossFit when our lives were so crazy for so many years. I did CrossFit in our garage for so long and when we moved to Cali, Chip was able to take more control of his health and he started doing CrossFit too. I remember getting a call from him while he was on a business trip and he told me his jar of insulin shattered in the hotel refrigerator. We couldn’t afford to pay for another jar, so Chip just pushed harder with running and doing CrossFit and never stopped! Because of that discipline, he is off insulin and has amazing mobility and no pain in his back. (not to mention he is an amazing coach because he is such a great teacher!)

I always have to remember our past so that I’m thankful for my present and continue to look towards the future with joy! I sometimes get really frustrated that I can’t do more as a CrossFit athlete. I wish I can work harder, stay at the box longer, do more competitions, compete with the best of them… then I look at the road I’ve been on and have to know, this is where I am supposed to be! I need to be thankful! Thankful for having a healthy marriage, for being a mommy and a coach at Yucaipa CrossFit – which was my absolute dream! And on top of it, I’m still improving in CrossFit! So on these hot days, when I’m home with a sick babe and I kinda wish I could be doing something else, I need to remember that The Joy of the Lord is my Strength! And leaning on Him is what got us to where we are today.


I hope my story has helped you somehow!

I found this cool post on ‘She Reads Truth’ which reminded me of how this was my life verse during 2009 and I will always hold on to it!

Bible quote