• Feb 16, 2015


My CrossFit Journey started in 2009 after having my second baby. At the time I lived in Southern Utah and some friends convinced my husband, Jeremy, and I to sign up. Up until that time I had gone to a “globo gym” regularly for 3 years, did a few sprint triathlons, 5K's, and 10K's. I played high school sports and continued playing through my college years. I've always enjoyed a good sweat, pushing myself and competition, so joining CrossFit was destiny.


I began my journey with a lot of baby weight, weighing nearly 200lbs. After becoming addicted to CrossFit in the first few months, I finally changed my eating and began to see drastic changes in my ability to perform in the box but also changes on the scale. After a year of hard work and discipline, I had lost 65 lbs and was definitely in the best shape of my life thanks to the CrossFit lifestyle. I weighed less than I did in high school, was smaller than I was in high school and I was WAY stronger than I was at ANY time of my life. CrossFit became my sport, my fix and my passion. I could talk CrossFit all day, every day. I had to hold myself back from talking about it to non-CrossFitters since we can come across a little overbearing at times. I chose to get Level 1 certified and began coaching classes at my box. I really enjoyed coaching and helping people get better. Being certified has helped me with my own performance when trying to tweak my lifts and movements. Over the next few years, I went on to experience three different boxes in Utah, Northern California and San Antonio. Each box is run completely different which allowed me to have a well rounded CrossFit experience.


Liz at Crossfit

Life as a Mom continued over the next several years too. My husband and I decided to have more kids. These pregnancies and babies did not stop me from CrossFiting. Baby #3 arrived via C-section and the road back to my CrossFit-self was long. I had another round of baby weight to lose and another round of "starting over". That is when we moved here to Yucaipa, California. There were no CrossFit boxes in town that interested me initially, so on a Wednesday I signed up for Fitness 19. On Thursday, I found out that Yucaipa CrossFit was going to be allowing people to come see what it was all about until they officially opened. I never stepped foot in Fitness 19 again. YCF has been home ever since. I love the people, the atmosphere, the workouts, and the coaches. Let's be honest, as a stay at home mom, it's my social hour for the day and is what keeps me sane and balanced to face the rest of the day.


After several months, we found out baby #4 was coming. I was able to CrossFit once again through the entire pregnancy. I immediately told the coaches so they would know I was going to be taking things a little easier. I asked them not to push me as hard and just cheer for me...and that is exactly what they did. That is one thing I love about CrossFit, whether you are big or small, weak or strong, pregnant, injured, whatever the case, you can scale and modify everything to each individual and see progress. By the end of my pregnancies, my workouts were pretty short and simple but it was just enough to make me move everyday. The day before my scheduled C-section, I was still able to get a workout in.


Crossfit Athlete LizNow here I am again, post baby, 5+ years later, with lots of baby weight to lose. But there is NO better place to take this journey than at CrossFit. And for me, it's Yucaipa CrossFit where I have found a support group, a family, advice, and people cheering me on. The best thing about being a part of YCF: my weight loss journey isn't about the scale anymore, it becomes about being better in the gym...getting stronger, being able to do more and better endurance. I am able to find successes in my workouts along the way. CrossFit has made me stronger in every aspect of my life and it has helped me develop long lasting friendships with so many amazing people. It has made me a better mom and a more confident person. I plan on CrossFitting for the rest of my life. It is an investment in myself and it has become my sport. The Yucaipa CrossFit Family only makes the experience that much sweeter.