Sabreena Rodriguez

Sabreena has been doing CrossFit since 2013 and is became Level 1 Certified in 2015.

Growing up, Sabreena was very active in dance, gymnastics and club sports which included baseball and soccer. From 6th grade through 10th grade she focused solely on gymnastics, becoming an advance gymnast. After graduating high school, she found a love for rowing at the collegiate level at Chapman University.

Her fitness background includes gymnastics and rowing. After graduating from CU, Sabreen heard about CrossFit online and decided to research more about it. She began her CrossFit journey at South Redlands and then ventured off to Yucaipa CrossFit, where she fell in love with the community and atmosphere of the box.

In her free time, she is working as a caregiver for medically fragile children and hanging out with her sister Clarissa, who is her CrossFit partner.

Her favorite things about coaching at Yucaipa CrossFit are being able to help someone feel confident and strong. She loves to see people's reactions when they lift more weight or master a skill they though was never possible.