Ron Sams

Ron is a coach at Yucaipa CrossFit and one of our founding partners.

My athletic and coaching background includes traditional and nontraditional sports: Baseball, football, wrestling, windsurfing, snow skiing, water skiing, barefoot water skiing, and now CrossFit.

I enjoy being active and helping others improve in their skills and general abilities. I started CrossFit when I found myself in a constant state of injury from traditional fitness regimes. I was hooked after my first WOD left me gasping for air and wondering how 5 minutes of exercise could leave me completely incapacitated.  It was awesome!

Over the past 3 years I have regained a proper level of fitness that allows me to once again enjoy an active lifestyle. My strength, mobility, and fitness levels are equal to my college days of competitive sports.

I hope you will come to Yucaipa CrossFit and begin your journey to improved health, fitness, and overall wellness.

Ron has a Level 2 Certificate.