coaches and staff

Certified CrossFit Coaching Staff

Amy Neal | crossfit coach

Amy is a coach at Yucaipa CrossFit and one of our founding partners. She started Crossfit in 2008 and now has her Level 2 Certificate.

Austin Turner | crossfit coach

Austin is a coach at Yucaipa CrossFit. His fitness background includes speed & power training, and working out at the local gym. Austin has his Level 2 certificate.

Brock Looysen | crossfit coach

Brock is a coach at Yucaipa CrossFit. He has spent his whole life being active, lots of biking, running, hiking and backpacking with my family and all kinds of recreational sports. Brock has his Level 1 certificate.

Marie Irey

Marie is a coach at Yucaipa CrossFit. She always active in some sort of sport but soccer was her passion and plays year-round on either a club team or for my school. Marie has her Level 1 certificate and her CrossFit Kids certification.

Ron Sams

Ron is a coach at Yucaipa Crossfit and one of our founding partners. His athletic and coaching background includes traditional and nontraditional sports. Ron has his level 2 certificate.

Sabreena Rodriguez

Sabreena is a coach at Yucaipa CrossFit. Her athletic background has yet to be determined. Sabreena has her Level 1 certificate.